The Fall of Avalon

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Since the last post by Luathin, several things have happened.

The group managed to clear out a plague scare in Grovewood, even after they were treated like dead weight by the Dryads. With a cure in hand, their Captors were much more friendly and allowed them to travel through their forest unhindered. Liara chose to stay behind with her people and actively take up the role she sought to avoid.

Heading North, the group passed through Fort Carpenter on their way to Faeralon in Pinehill. There they learned that the elves werent sending away trade, but a small subset of elves called the Oloree were. There they confronted them and found out about strange goings on in their ancestral burial grounds. As it happened they found more of the horrid plagued creatures and a Mad Shade from their past: One of the conspirators of the war! They cleared it out and plundered the alchemy lab before leaving. During the battle, however, Keesha lost her armour to a Rust Monster.

When they returned to the Oloree, they were given thanks and cryptic warnings of the future before heading back to town. There the party fractured as Keesha decided to return home, waiting behind only to replace her armour and Luathin disappeared in the night. Thankfully past friends Vassal and Darrik appeared to fill in the gaps.

With the party back to full strength, they headed northwest toward Fort Kare on their way to the monastery in Freehold.

Fawkes still follows them, but his presence has not been felt since the town. Then again, perhaps that is the point.


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