The Fall of Avalon

The Third Weapon III

The Preachy Puzzle-Lock

So, this bitch of a Dryad was encasing the team in thorn-cages while her only surviving ogre of a plant monster stood hammering on whomever got near. I had summoned up some shadow-monsters to hound them both and keep them moving while we chipped away at their defenses. It was a battle of attrition at this point. The dryads ability to restrain the other members of the team was severely limiting our offensive output. Just as I failed to capture the shadow-essence of the dryads hulk with one of my abilities I had enough energy to use, this crazy half-orc screams in down the hall and stabs both of them in the face before anyone could get a word in edgewise. It’s not that I didn’t appreciate the assistance, it was just surprising.

Turns out, it was a Lieutenant sent to find out what Ruben was up to. Also, we seemed to have completely bypassed our contact by walking over the water to the island/temple. Luckily our new companion had the key we needed to access the inner temple and the path to the next part of the puzzle. Since I wasn’t particularly injured, I climbed up and harvested about 8 tips from the electro-vines, and took down some spools of the main parts. Vassal reckoned the tips would sell to Alchemists, and I was pretty sure the vine trunks would do well in explosive preparations.

After our rest, Rhibdae used the key provided to open up a stair downward. A great heat wafted up, and thankfully our fears of having to deal with lava were unfounded, it was only a magical labyrinth of fire. Using the guidance in our handy notebook, we didn’t get poisoned by the stream of magic water flowing though the room, or incinerated by the fire. Vassal took a bowl of water across the room, completely ignoring the fiery labyrinth walls, and turned the whole thing off on the other side. I am really glad we have someone that crazily brave to volunteer for crap like that instead of me.

The next set of puzzles were a little preachy for my liking. Justice being blind, the first one required us to turn off all the lights and close our eyes to find a hidden key. The next required us to understand that Fortitude doesn’t teach by breaking a lightning crystal into tiny bits so it didn’t kill the person opening the door by being electrocuted by it. We had to cut down a mirror and bounce a ball of light to hit the far door to prove that Hope needs a helping hand. Finally we overcame Prudences flaw of indecision by running through an obviously trapped corridor to pick a choice quickly.

With all that over, and the ritual to open the big door complete, we gained access to the fragments of the third weapon. Coincidentally whomever created this place also left a bunch of stuff behind that we can transport back to haven with us to sell off and fund our next crazy adventure for the fourth weapon.

The inventory:
- Fist of Kord
- Waves of Avandra
- Sun Disk of Pelor
- Tooth of Chaos
- Golden Lion
- Stone of Earth
- 18’580gp of misc

The three holy symbols are being donated to their respective churches, as no-one really feels comfortable charging them for their recovery. The Tooth of Chaos was sold for about 4’200 (1/5) value, the Golden Lion was given to Rhibdae, and the Stone of Earth was given to Ruben. All up, the split for this haul of plunder ended up being 3’796gp each for the six of us.

Here’s hoping I have some time to finish my telescope and the scope Vassal wanted made for his longbow. Would be nice to have some subordinates to continue work while we’re out. If Fawkes will let me, I might just put in a requisition order for a few. I wonder if the new guy is sticking around for long?


Sun disk of Pelor gives you 3400g of Scrolls/Potions
Stone of Avandra gives you 3400g of Scrolls/Potions
Symbol of Battle (Kord) gives you 5000g of Scrolls/Potions

The Third Weapon III

3x lvl 15 Elixir of Aptitude
2x lvl 10 Potion of Clarity

2x Shatter Bonds
4x Secure Shelter
5x Steady Strength
5x lvl 5 Tempest Whetstone
300 gp residuum

3x Potion of Vitality
2x Glowstones

The Third Weapon III
SeraphicNinja Tzrlk

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