7 feet of calm, well-restrained beef.


Fawkes was saved from a fate worse than death by five adventurers. Those same adventurers put his old friend, now monster, to rest. To thank them, Fawkes also risked his own life to open a door that blocked those adventurers from their goal.

But once Fawkes grabbed his freedom, he felt that he had not paid those kind people back enough. So he secretly followed them, waiting for the moment when he could assist them.

He needn’t wait long.

Four of the five adventurers were attacked by an assassin team of sorts, so he charged in and waylaid the night haunter long enough for the rest of his friends to dispatch their shadowy foes.

He decided to keep behind them so he would be close enough to lend his aid, while not being seen to travel with them. He watches his friends still, making sure that they walk the right path.


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