The Fall of Avalon

The Third Weapon III
The Preachy Puzzle-Lock

So, this bitch of a Dryad was encasing the team in thorn-cages while her only surviving ogre of a plant monster stood hammering on whomever got near. I had summoned up some shadow-monsters to hound them both and keep them moving while we chipped away at their defenses. It was a battle of attrition at this point. The dryads ability to restrain the other members of the team was severely limiting our offensive output. Just as I failed to capture the shadow-essence of the dryads hulk with one of my abilities I had enough energy to use, this crazy half-orc screams in down the hall and stabs both of them in the face before anyone could get a word in edgewise. It’s not that I didn’t appreciate the assistance, it was just surprising.

Turns out, it was a Lieutenant sent to find out what Ruben was up to. Also, we seemed to have completely bypassed our contact by walking over the water to the island/temple. Luckily our new companion had the key we needed to access the inner temple and the path to the next part of the puzzle. Since I wasn’t particularly injured, I climbed up and harvested about 8 tips from the electro-vines, and took down some spools of the main parts. Vassal reckoned the tips would sell to Alchemists, and I was pretty sure the vine trunks would do well in explosive preparations.

After our rest, Rhibdae used the key provided to open up a stair downward. A great heat wafted up, and thankfully our fears of having to deal with lava were unfounded, it was only a magical labyrinth of fire. Using the guidance in our handy notebook, we didn’t get poisoned by the stream of magic water flowing though the room, or incinerated by the fire. Vassal took a bowl of water across the room, completely ignoring the fiery labyrinth walls, and turned the whole thing off on the other side. I am really glad we have someone that crazily brave to volunteer for crap like that instead of me.

The next set of puzzles were a little preachy for my liking. Justice being blind, the first one required us to turn off all the lights and close our eyes to find a hidden key. The next required us to understand that Fortitude doesn’t teach by breaking a lightning crystal into tiny bits so it didn’t kill the person opening the door by being electrocuted by it. We had to cut down a mirror and bounce a ball of light to hit the far door to prove that Hope needs a helping hand. Finally we overcame Prudences flaw of indecision by running through an obviously trapped corridor to pick a choice quickly.

With all that over, and the ritual to open the big door complete, we gained access to the fragments of the third weapon. Coincidentally whomever created this place also left a bunch of stuff behind that we can transport back to haven with us to sell off and fund our next crazy adventure for the fourth weapon.

The inventory:
- Fist of Kord
- Waves of Avandra
- Sun Disk of Pelor
- Tooth of Chaos
- Golden Lion
- Stone of Earth
- 18’580gp of misc

The three holy symbols are being donated to their respective churches, as no-one really feels comfortable charging them for their recovery. The Tooth of Chaos was sold for about 4’200 (1/5) value, the Golden Lion was given to Rhibdae, and the Stone of Earth was given to Ruben. All up, the split for this haul of plunder ended up being 3’796gp each for the six of us.

Here’s hoping I have some time to finish my telescope and the scope Vassal wanted made for his longbow. Would be nice to have some subordinates to continue work while we’re out. If Fawkes will let me, I might just put in a requisition order for a few. I wonder if the new guy is sticking around for long?

Another summation post
This feels so pointless

The players dealt with a devilish incursion at Fort Kare, discovered hidden ancient secrets beneath a monastery in the mountains, and prevented the return of the Herald of Farplane Entities best left unspoken.

The game ends with the party heading toward the trading town Hub at the base of the Northshore Mountain range.

Story So Far
Play Catchup

Since the last post by Luathin, several things have happened.

The group managed to clear out a plague scare in Grovewood, even after they were treated like dead weight by the Dryads. With a cure in hand, their Captors were much more friendly and allowed them to travel through their forest unhindered. Liara chose to stay behind with her people and actively take up the role she sought to avoid.

Heading North, the group passed through Fort Carpenter on their way to Faeralon in Pinehill. There they learned that the elves werent sending away trade, but a small subset of elves called the Oloree were. There they confronted them and found out about strange goings on in their ancestral burial grounds. As it happened they found more of the horrid plagued creatures and a Mad Shade from their past: One of the conspirators of the war! They cleared it out and plundered the alchemy lab before leaving. During the battle, however, Keesha lost her armour to a Rust Monster.

When they returned to the Oloree, they were given thanks and cryptic warnings of the future before heading back to town. There the party fractured as Keesha decided to return home, waiting behind only to replace her armour and Luathin disappeared in the night. Thankfully past friends Vassal and Darrik appeared to fill in the gaps.

With the party back to full strength, they headed northwest toward Fort Kare on their way to the monastery in Freehold.

Fawkes still follows them, but his presence has not been felt since the town. Then again, perhaps that is the point.

Luathin Tianach's Journal - Entry 2

It’s been a while, we’re in the jungle now as part of our grand plan to solve all that ails Avalon. Minotaurs. Big scary ones and some not-actually-so-much-scary-as-polite-and-well-liked ones. Anyways. We found some ancient ruin thingies and have been having a grand old time!

There were these cube things with runes on them. Then there were these multi-layered elevators and lots of hidden doors and we carried cubes from pillar to pillar, making sure that we got everything in the right order. Stanislaw the Cube held up very well and I was very proud of him!

Luathin Tianach's Journal - Entry #1

We were in the village of Hajim, over on the eastern side of the continent, helping out some nice scholar-type fellow. Seemed very enthusiastic about words and things. We nabbed some book for him and he was quite happy about it all.

So there we were, sleeping the peaceful sleep of the innocent, and we got woken by the tree-girl saying that she’d heard some noises out near the storehouses. We went to look and there were some goblins stealing some food! Naturally they ran. We chased. I was fantastic! I mean BLAM! BOOM! I totally hit six goblins with one ball of the wibbly stuff! Avandra’s grace fell on me that night.

We captured a bunch of them and the rest were so awed by my prowess that they fled in terror. The others helped, of course. We were all very impressive. Found some tunnels, just like in the war. These ones weren’t finished though. A little strange, but nothing overly sinister.

Anyway. We got the prisoners back to the village and talked to the friendly one. He said that Gweebong had escaped with half the food that was stolen. We talked the innkeeper’s wife into letting them be billeted in an upstairs room. The next morning the whole town got together to discuss the fate of the goblins. We convinced them, rather well I feel, to give peace a chance by making a bargain with the goblin tribe to pay them in food or money for labor and work done. Scary guy speaks quite well for a scary guy. Made some really good points about how the war is over and how it isn’t like the goblins harmed anyone’s children or hurt anyone at all, actually. They decided in favour of making the deal so we set off to talk to the tribe.

Turns out Blibblewang is the chief’s son. Figures really. Anyway, the chief asked that we go and retrieve the food for him so that they can return it to the village. We might be expecting a fight on our hands through. Wobblesprok is apparently very headstrong and quite talented in combat…

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