The Fall of Avalon

Luathin Tianach's Journal - Entry #1

We were in the village of Hajim, over on the eastern side of the continent, helping out some nice scholar-type fellow. Seemed very enthusiastic about words and things. We nabbed some book for him and he was quite happy about it all.

So there we were, sleeping the peaceful sleep of the innocent, and we got woken by the tree-girl saying that she’d heard some noises out near the storehouses. We went to look and there were some goblins stealing some food! Naturally they ran. We chased. I was fantastic! I mean BLAM! BOOM! I totally hit six goblins with one ball of the wibbly stuff! Avandra’s grace fell on me that night.

We captured a bunch of them and the rest were so awed by my prowess that they fled in terror. The others helped, of course. We were all very impressive. Found some tunnels, just like in the war. These ones weren’t finished though. A little strange, but nothing overly sinister.

Anyway. We got the prisoners back to the village and talked to the friendly one. He said that Gweebong had escaped with half the food that was stolen. We talked the innkeeper’s wife into letting them be billeted in an upstairs room. The next morning the whole town got together to discuss the fate of the goblins. We convinced them, rather well I feel, to give peace a chance by making a bargain with the goblin tribe to pay them in food or money for labor and work done. Scary guy speaks quite well for a scary guy. Made some really good points about how the war is over and how it isn’t like the goblins harmed anyone’s children or hurt anyone at all, actually. They decided in favour of making the deal so we set off to talk to the tribe.

Turns out Blibblewang is the chief’s son. Figures really. Anyway, the chief asked that we go and retrieve the food for him so that they can return it to the village. We might be expecting a fight on our hands through. Wobblesprok is apparently very headstrong and quite talented in combat…

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