The PC’s awaken in a hospital ward in the year 2019 with no memory at all…

Intro Excerpt:
You are awakened by constant noise all around you: Beeps, puffs, and pings. As you open your eyes, they burn like fire and the pain tears at your mind. Soon the pain dulls and you focus, finding yourselves in a bright white room. Clinical Machines surround you, with wires and tubes snaking out from them to entangle you like roots. A clear plastic mask covers your nose and mouth and you feel chillingly cold.
As you try to move, the pain slams into you like a truck. It hurts everywhere. It hurts to move, it hurts to breathe, it hurts to think. Fighting through the pain takes most of your strength. You turn your head to get a look at the room and a sharp pain streaks down your spine, causing you to double over. That’s when you see it: Countless bruises and surgical marks all over your body. You look like a badly embroidered gang-fight victim, with sutres, staples, and wire holding you together. The wounds begin to ache, adding to the dull overpowering throb of pain you already feel from just moving. Your mind is foggy, but its welcome relief compared to the pain of just trying to recall anything…
Then it hits you. You can’t remember a thing. You don’t know who you are, where you are, why you’re here, how you got here, or what has happened. The pain slams into you again, and you reel back from it. You close your eyes and try to let the pain wash over you.

In their room, they find little to explain their situation, but the realisation dawns upon them that they aren’t being kept alive for recovery. The only indication of their identity is found on a touchscreen near the locked door:

Bed 1 Alpha-Four-Two-Nine-Lambda-Tau: [PROCESSING…. ERROR!]
Bed 2 Beta-Three-Eight-Five-Epsilon-Chi: [PROCESSING…. ERROR!]
Bed 3 Beta-Two-Eight-Nine-Tau-Lambda: [PROCESSING…. ERROR!]
Bed 4 Beta-Six-Three-Omega-Delta-Rho: [PROCESSING…. ERROR!]
Bed 5 Omega-Five-Seven-Five-Gamma-Gamma: [TRANSFERRED. See Patient File]
Bed 6 Pi-Four-Five-Eight-Alpha-Kappa: [PROCESSING…. ERROR!]
Bed 7 Empty.
Bed 8 Empty.

Taking the monikers Epsilon, Lambda, Tau, Kappa, and Omega, the group escapes their confines and explores the floor they inhabit. Several things are apparent, two of the most important are that they are completely alone (and possibly forgotten) and that things arent what they seem. After experiencing unexplained phenomena – such as combusting beds, vanishing screwdrivers, and moving doors – the group moves up to the next level through the only egress: a remodelled service lift.

Upon exiting the elevator, they encounter a group of guards chatting around a security desk, bored with work and lazily getting around to checking on a noisy elevator. They quickly turn hostile to the mobile robe-wearing patients, barking out orders and about to call for back-up when three of the group kill them outright using some type of psychic abilities. An email message left open by one guard gives them an idea of the date and what it going on:


Listen up lads, due to some concerns from the higher ups about technological security breaches, the intranet is going to be isolated 10 hours out of every 24. Yes, this means that you may not get internet access on your breaks. Suck it up.
As an added precaution, we’ve cycled keycodes for the wards. We shouldnt need to use them, God willing. The codes will not be handed out. If you need to get into a room, use the processing computer to get the current keycode for the neighboring rooms.
All keycard-accessible boffin-rooms now also require your personal code. If I find another keycard left out in the open, I swear I will personally make you eat it before I kick you out the bloody door.
Just do your jobs, lads, and maybe when the boss stops getting his bollocks in a twist we can get back to regular operations.

Caliburn Industries, Medical Research Division

Round Table Security

They take what weapons they find for protection (nightsticks and reusable taser-guns), leave a gristly message in the blood for the security cam to pick up, and head off for the next level to reach the Patient File Server room.

After a few close calls with more guard patrols, they eventually make it into the isolated server room to look up their files… only to find them erased, except one. The patient that was transferred apparently woke up with conflicting personalities and was terminated when he became hostile. That’s when the pain set in and everything went white…

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