Death is a little different on Avalon than most people realise.
Most of the faithful believe that when they die they go to the realm of their god and sit with him in paradise, the unbelievers languish in a barren wasteland of grey nothingness, and the heretics burn for eternity in whatever Hell exists.
They couldn’t be more wrong.

While the most pious do go to an afterlife ruled by their god, only a select few ever manage it. The unbelievers and the mostly-believers alike cross the ocean to the Shining Shores Beyond, the true land of the dead. No one really knows where the wicked go when they die, and they don’t much care either. There are those that cling to life when they pass on, not able to find true rest until whatever anchors them to the world is addressed. These poor souls become…


Ghosts are indeed rare as most people in some way accept their death and move on to their rest. Those that don’t hang around the location where they died, or haunt their killer/murder weapon should such a thing be responsible for their death. Not very many people can actually see the ghost when it appears, but anyone can hear them. They are unable to communicate in mortal tongue and their unintelligible wails disturb on a deeper level than one would expect. Thanks to the pervasiveness of Magic in Avalon, communicating with them is possible if one has the residuum and knowledge available.

Ghosts remember everything about their death from their own perspective, and memories close to that date are often clear, but the longer the ghost remains the more of their memory gets lost to the fog that surrounds their periphery.


Undead in Avalon are mindless, soulless animations of flesh given purpose and exceedingly rare. They were once created by curious magic users who wanted undying guards for vaults or cheap labour. Once the Mageforged were created, however, such practice became pointless and taboo.
Sometimes a ghost will become feral – if it wasnt already – should it be around for long enough to go mad. Also, it has been recorded that certain wicked individuals have had the capacity to come back as some form of undead all on their own after their just deaths, but such incidents havent happened in well over a century.

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