Dryads are forest-dwelling tree people and the more humanoid of their Feral Dryad cousins. While they look elven, they have more in common with the plants and trees they live in than the other mortal races.
The undisputed masters of wood, Dryads built their cities high up in the tree tops of the eastern forests. Their structures and floors become one with the trees they are built upon, creating a living, growing city of connected tree clusters. Although mostly made from tree, Dryad cities do have their own form of technology, with gondolas that allow transport from one tree cluster to the next and elevators that allow visitors and citizens to reach upper levels and the forest floor.

Dryads refused to take part in the war, seeing it as a pointless act of aggression on both sides. They offered aid to any who would accept it and leave the war outside of the forests, monster and human alike. Dryads kept to themselves, and any monsters capable of reaching their city didn’t seem to bother with them.
Dryad morality and point of view are alien to most city dwellers, and woe betide anyone who damages or destroys any piece of their home. Even so, some dryads understand the desire for peace and goodness in the world, but most would ensure it for themselves with seclusion rather than with war.

Monster Manual Dryads are feral dryads, mostly found within the southern jungles of Avalon. A few can be found within the Eastern forests, but such creatures are rare and dangerous.
To play a more civilised Dryad, use the following statistics:


Average Height: 5’6" – 6’2"
Average Weight: 120 – 170 lbs

Ability Scores: +2 Constitution, +2 Dexterity
Size: Medium
Speed: 6
Vision: Lowlight

Languages: Common, Elven
Skill Bonuses: +2 Nature, +2 Stealth
Forestwalk: You ignore difficult terrain caused by plants and other overgrowth
Plant Origin: You are descended from Feral Dryads and Wood nymphs, creatures of wood and leaf, so you are considered a plant creature for the purpose of effects that relate to that creature origin. Also, you do not need to sleep
Photosynthesis: If you rest for 2 hours in direct sunlight, you can choose gain the benefits of having had an extended rest if you have not done so already and you do not need to eat for 24 hours. You will still need to drink. While you are photosynthesizing, you are aware of your surroundings and can react to them as per normal
Tree Stride: You gain the Tree Stride power

Power: Tree Stride
Encounter, Move Action, Personal
Teleport 6 squares to a square adjacent to a tree, treant, or plant of your size or larger. Increase the distance teleported to 10 squares if the start and end points of your movement are adjacent to a tree, treant, or plant of your size or larger. You may make a Stealth roll as part of this movement if you move more than 6 squares.

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