Magic is Alive.

No one knows if its always been the case, but there are many explanations for the odd way it behaves.
The most common origin story is that of the first King Oberon and Queen Titania, who were approached by the Ancients and asked to guard Avalon in their stead. They set up the Monarch selection system and reigned for the first two terms. When their time was up, the Ancients suffused their spirits into Avalon itself and then left.
The Royalty love this story, as it shows the masses how important they are. Some even say its why the Monarch is able to hold so much power so quickly: The land itself assists them in everything they do.

While Magic does flow like water and grow like fire, there are still areas that are devoid of magic. Magic prefers to be around living (or once-living) things and areas that have been forcibly drained of magic or devoid of life for so long creates a pocket of nothing, a null-land. These areas do not diminish magic at all in anyway, since the caster usually has his own brought with him, but they do offer unique characteristics to the area.

  • Those trained in the ways of magic can often see recent trails of the living that have passed through null-lands, allowing them to follow more easily.
  • Some say that the Monarch has no sight in these lands, but that is only a rumour.
  • Any supposedly permanent magic effect left in such an area will eventually die out, as without the background magic to replenish it, the effect consumes itself. For example, an everburning torch is a permanent light-source in civilisation and its surrounding lands, but in a null-land it will burn itself out in the same time a regular torch would.

A null-land can be revitalised by simply altering the cause of the loss of magic: either removing the item/enchantment that keeps magic out, or repopulating the area for long enough that magic begins to thrive again.

The whole idea of magic replenishing itself is how the Eladrin and other magic-crafters are able to make such wonderous objects with apparently little effort. The effect constantly dissipates magic into the surrounding area, and the background magic flows back into the effect to replenish it.

This pervasiveness of magic has also allowed for regular people to perform minor miracles as long as they have the knowledge and the residuum handy.
It was discovered long ago, that by sprinkling a teeny pinch of residuum (5g worth) on an object or a body and speaking a word or two of power, the average person could perform magic tricks without the need for formal training or any idea what the effect was going to be. For example, sprinkling residuum on your tongue and saying “Gurthoma”, you allow yourself the ability to understand and respond to the disturbing wails of a ghost for a few minutes.
Those trained in Arcana or Ritual Casting can try to manipulate the energies released by such miracles to enhance some aspect of them, by making it last longer or adding extra effects, etc. In the above example, a trained individual could extend the understanding over more people than just themself, but not extend the duration. Its said that such harmonization sets your spirit closer to death, and any longer would cause you to pass on early. But such things are folly, of course.

Other examples:

  • Sprinkle on bandages; “Caer”: +5hp or +5 to heal check vs disease.
  • Sprinkle on object; “Anfaugi”: Turn a regular object entirely to dust

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