Religion in Avalon is as varied as the races that live on her. Religion varies from person to person, but there are noticeable patterns to reverence of specific gods.

Humans and the working class (read: peasant) revere Pelor, as he gives them light, warmth, food, and other such things that make life worthwhile.
The Nobles and the Royalty revere Ioun, god of Knowledge. They believe it was she who taught the Ancients how to bind the first King and Queen into the land. To a lesser extent, they also revere Corellon, but mostly their distant cousins, the elves, make up the majority of his worship.
The Dwarves worship Moradin, as their fathers and fathers before them have. Moradin is not the creator of the Dwarves, but is responsible for their culture, enticing the faithful out of their ancestral halls and to interact with the other races. Economics and trade came naturally once their xenophobia was conquered. They also believe a fair trade made is worth ten prayers to their god.
Halflings revere Avandra for her favor on their nomadic leanings. She has shown no displeasure over what many assume is Moradin “horning in” on her domain of trade. Probably because the Dwarves are only one of the many races on Avalon and that she has a soft spot for the old smith.
Gnomes have revered Sehanine since their race found religion. They took naturally to her behind the scenes ways, and now seek out lost knowledge in her name, with quick thanks to Ioun so she doesn’t get angry.

The other gods are usually paid lip service by the majority of peoples when the need arises. A few dedicate themselves as they wish, but most prayers are for immediate attention or apologetic. The most notable of these is the Raven Queen. Most pray to her at funerals and during the winter solstice, but her churches are the least visited which only adds to her dark and gloomy reputation.

Regional patterns vary based on climate and population, but Freehold is unique in having the largest collection of people that worship all gods equally as a pantheon since each has their domain and should be respected for such. They still fall short compared to the number of Raven Queen worshippers in the region, but far exceed any other church denominations.

All of the churches of the Gods are managed by one administrative body called The High Church. Its main cathedral is found in Oberon with lesser abbeys in major metropolises across Avalon. It ensures that all permanent churches are equally well maintained (including the Raven Queen – her churches only “look” dilapidated), funded, and wide-spread. Problems, requests, contracts, and other such holy work is processed and ratified here before the appropriate action is taken.

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