Rumours and Legends


The Slumbering King
Stories speak of a man from a distant land, blessed with great power and the charisma to move nations. Brought to Avalon long ago, his people hoped the magic of Avalon would sustain him in his slumber and allow his mortal wounds to heal. So he would not be disturbed, he was interred in a stone vault beneath the Ancient Terrance Mountains to await the day when his people would need him again.
The story has a bitter-sweet end, however: should he awaken and leave Avalon, his mortality would take hold once more, and Avalon will never accept his return.

The Holy Grail
Legend tells of an artifact of immense power brought with the Slumbering King. Its said to provide eternal life to whomsoever possesses it. Most people find this legend the hardest to believe, since its description and location changes from storyteller to storyteller. They even disagree on whether the artifact itself contains the power, or whether it is just a simple vessel that blesses whatever is placed within it.
Mostly people disbelieve such tales because if the King had such an item, why would he need to rest and recover when he cannot die?


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Rumours and Legends

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