The Five Pillars

When people refer to the Five Pillars, they can be referring to one of two things:
  • The 5 monoliths that appear on Avalon
  • The 5 virtues that the rocky towers are said to represent.

Each Pillar is a enormous monolith one league high (or 5.55km tall) and 6 kilometers around (1.9km diameter). Each is made of the same type of rock as the local mountains are, and each is visually similar at first glance. Not much is really known about the origin of the Pillars, but everyone accepts that they stabilize the world and that they are the source of power that keeps life going.

These two facts are wrong.

Regardless of their origin, The Royalty of Oberon put great reverence in the Pillars and what they represent, especially since their captial is built up and around one of them. They use the five virtues as a way of determining who will rule as the new Monarch.

The Five Pillars, with their corresponding virtues, are as follows.

The Spire of Storms sits at the edge of the great mountain range, where the Crag meets the Shor’el Jungle. Storms constantly rage over the tip of the monolith, and part of the jungle has tried to climb it and the mountains it sits beside. This pillar represents Fortitude and nature, the determination to carry on, and the strength to withstand any punishment.

The Seat of Power is exactly that: the Throne on which the current Monarch sits and resides over Avalon. This spire dwarfs and supports the capitol city that rises up and hovers around it. This tower of rock is also alot thinner than the others, owing to the fact that most of its mass was used to help create and reshape the city of Oberon. The seat represents Justice, for the Monarch rules absolutely, and knows the importance of a fair but firm hand.

The Point of Clarity rises out from the cool reaches of the Grovewood. Its smooth sides have not been affected by years of erosion, and its tip barely glimmers under the light of a full moon. This pillar represents Temperance, a quiet reminder that cool heads often prevail even in the worst of times and the strangest of places. Those that meditate here often find a solution to a problem they never thought to consider, or a new idea to contemplate.

The Tower of Solitude is nearly mistakable for a taller and thinner version of the snowy peaks surrounding it in Freehold, except that the white clumps that adorn it are softly glowing crystal instead of snow. During different times of year and kinds of weather, the light plays with the crystals atop its crown and put on a display of brilliant colours visible for miles around. This pillar represents Prudence; Wisdom and foresight, to compound on what one knows, one feels, and one believes to create the best outcome. Those who have crises of faith often take a pilgrimage to this pillar, and pray in one of the nearby temples and monasteries to reconnect themselves and their beliefs.

The Crumbling Pillar is a sad thing indeed. Rising on the borders of the swampy Western Reaches and the misty lands of Brittania, this tall structure shows signs of bad erosion, to the point where it has almost become conical in shape and the area around the base is mostly unsettled rock fallen from the peak. Most people don’t like to think about it, but this pillar is said to represent Hope, to see the unknown and believe that everything will turn out okay with just a small amount of applied effort. While it is crumbling, the rate of which is rather slow, it hasn’t changed its relative shape in many generations.

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The Five Pillars

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