The History of War

In the beginning, life on Avalon was peaceful. Monsters and bandits were always a thing, but for the most part people were able to live their lives with only a small chance of ever encountering them.

In the 88th year of Lord Oberon XXV, that was no longer the case.

Seemingly all at once, hordes of monsters descended onto villages and towns on the outskirts of Alysia and the realms of Avalon. Underworld monsters surged up to prey on the mountainous settlements and the cities of the Dwarven Kingdoms, the villages of Pinehill, Grovewood, and Freehold fought off cadres of monsters from their own lands, even the tribes of the Western Reaches and the Shor’el jungle had to flee from the might of the monstrous horde. Numerous hamlets were wiped out in a few short weeks.

The Alysian army was sent out to reinforce its allies and hold back the tide. It became such a massive undertaking that a draft was implemented to get as many citizens as possible trained up and ready to fight back. This allowed for relief rotations to begin and the army was finally able to find the time to form task forces to look into why this was happening.

Eventually, after a long 5 years of near endless fighting, the “war” was declared to be over. The large scale monster assaults stopped and people went back to fixing their shattered communities.

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The History of War

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