The Unit

The PC’s were cobbled together with a couple of other people to form the Irregular group, the Inadvisables: An elite fighting unit sent in to soften up targets for the army or to eliminate key positions to ease the burden on the rest of the troops. Basically, while every man was needed to fight the war, you were put into active duty as far away from the rest of the grunts as possible due to the highly destructive nature of some of your unit, if not every soldier in it.

The Inadvisables

While you won many victories against the Monstrous Horde, your key victory was when you and four other platoons entered a small set of ruins in the western swampy reaches of Avalon. Based on information of corruption in the courts and several clues from months of raiding, you were able to locate and defeat the driving force behind the war: A group of dissenters who had planned to overthrow the current King, Lord Oberon XXV, replace him with a puppet ruler, and remake Avalon in their image.
However, during his death throes, one of the traitors flicked some of his lifeblood onto one of several glass orbs arranged around the main chamber, spoke a word of power with his last breath, and light suddenly began to arc from each orb to a central statue in sequence. Once this energy had awakened from every orb, the statue exploded in a bright white flash. Your whole world rumbled around you and the next thing you remember is lying outside in the murky swamp, nearby the even more ruined ruins, surrounded by your dead and dying fellows. Of the 40 that went in, only 8 lived to tell the tale.

Platoon Roster:
Alpha Squad

  • Luathin Tiannach
  • Hew
  • Chaplain Darrak
    Team Leaders
  • Lieutenant Karl Thatcher
  • Corporal Tur’el I’dannel

Beta Squad

  • Liara Faelite
  • Codren Dane
  • Rhibdae tur Cristangol
  • Vassal
    Team Leaders
  • Platoon Sergeant Keesha Badlam
  • (Chaplain) Corporal Jak Brightscale

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The Unit

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